Screen Printing Service

Screen print your custom logo or graphic design onto any one of a thousand apparel products! Mac Fly Fresh Designs, Inc. provides the best in direct screen printing and custom transfer work. We are the screen printing pros and the graphics technology leader! Our services include:

  • Spot Color

    MacFly Screen Spot Color Printing Spot Color Printing is the process of printing each color with its own color ink (PMS color) on White, Light, and Dark Colored shirts. Each color in the image is printed separately on its own screen, affecting the cost, but up to 12 spot colors on one location can be printed. This produces a consistent color result for company logos, trademarked images, and text. Typically spot color is used for 1-2 color graphics.

    Characteristics of Spot Color Printing

    • Can print on any color fabric
    • More vibrant prints
    • Controlled pricing based on the number of colors in the design(s)

    When to Use Spot Color Printing

    • Standard printing of text
    • Standard printing of graphics
  • Half-Tone

    Half-Tone Printing uses a technique which allows a smaller amount of ink of a color to be used to create an illusion that more colors are present than are really present. The smaller amount of ink will mix with the fabric or other colors to mimic another color.

    Characteristics of Half-Tone Printing

    • Best for light fabric, dark prints. However, printing on any color fabric is possible
    • Great for creating the effect of extra colors for the price of 1 or 2 primary colors
    • Price to get more colors can be cheaper using Half-Tone Printing

    When to Use Half-Tone Printing

      Used For: Gradients, Background images, Using a Single color to look like its more than 1 color
  • 4-Color Process

    4-Color Process Printing involves separating your design into 4 different colors, black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Most of the entire spectrum or gamut of colors are reproduced with just the four process ink colors.

    Characteristics of 4-Color Process Printing

    • Uses same 4 colors every time
    • Can produce many colors
    • Limited to printing on white fabric
    • Can be cost effective when many colors are desired

    When to Use 4-Color Process Printing

    • Printing photographs
    • Printing only on White shirts
  • Grayscale

    MacFly Screen Grayscale PrintingGrayscale Printing is one of the cheaper ways to get a graphic, especially photos, onto your favorite fabric. The only color used in Grayscale Printing is black, so you only get charged for one color. The resulting grayscale image can be printed in any color you wish.

    Characteristics of Grayscale Printing

    • Can print on any color fabric, but recommended for light color fabric
    • Cost effective for printing photos with many colors
    • Controlled pricing based on the number of colors in the design(s)

    When to Use Spot Color Printing

    • Printing a photo inexpensively
    • Dark print on light colored fabric